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Long Hill Repeats

Long hill repeats should be 90 seconds to about 3 minutes per hill. The are run mostly aerobic over moderatly steep terrain and are a key tool in strength building and endurance.

Example 1: Repeats

8 x 3:00 repeats with 4-5 minute run backs.
Sample hills are Ravenwood, Syringa, Gas Line trail at top of Ravenwood.

Example 2: Mixed run over hilly course

Run a hilly course with long uphills and downhills mixed throughout. When you reach the bottom of a hill, try to keep the same cadence (leg tempo) as you enter the hill and hold it through the top of the hill. Hills should last in duration from 1 1/2 minutes to about 3 minutes.

Example 3: Mixed loop

Run to Pinecrest from HS. Stretch, drills, accelerations Run 4 loops, concentrating on form at a hard pace on the uphills and downhill
Run to the bottom of the trail at the edge of the cemetary. Run the hill hard to the top, then run along the road at the top of the cemetary until you reach Pinecrest. Run in the grass to the bottom of the hill practicing proper downhill technique.

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