Welcome to the home of the Sandpoint High School Cross Country team. SHSXC is dedicated to Sandpoint High School Cross Country all year round.


Mentally Strong

You will here this over and over, but your biggest limitation in Cross Country will be your mind. You need to train yourself to have a positive attitude. Every level of running has platues, and your mind what pushes you through and up the next hill. It starts in practice, you must overcome that little voice in your head that is telling you to stop, go slower, quit.

The other mental battle that you have to contend with is overcoming peers. This program is centered around a can do attitude but there are always those who try to criticize people for working hard, then they don't have to compete and work hard. Don't give in to that type of peer pressure, instead be strong and work hard, otherwise you are letting those people negatively affect your training.

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