Welcome to the home of the Sandpoint High School Cross Country team. SHSXC is dedicated to Sandpoint High School Cross Country all year round.

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Team Rules

This list of rules complements or is in addition to the student handbook rules.

Rules and Expectations for our runners:
  1. Practices will be held Monday through Friday from 3:10 to 5:45 once school starts (Wed. practices will be 5-6:45pm to allow for after school academic needs and appointments, etc). Summer in-season practices are typically 7-9:30 am. It is important to always refer to your weekly schedule given to you each week and posted on the website to get the details and exact time/location for each training session. Athletes are expected to be present and prepared for activity for the entire specified time period.
  2. All athletes must attend regularly scheduled workouts unless previously excused by the coach personally. The coach must be notified in advance for all absences unless the athlete is ill and misses that day. Unexcused practices will lead to being ineligible for the next meet.
  3. Injured athletes are expected to attend workouts and will be given alternative workout activities or assignments to help assist the team.
  4. Team uniforms are issued to each runner. The runner is responsible for the uniform during the season of sport and must maintain and return all items by season's end in good condition allowing for normal wear only. Athletes in good condition allowing for normal wear only. Athletes will be charged for all lost or damaged items.
  5. Team uniforms are to be worn for team meets only and not for personal use or practices.
  6. Each participant must have a waiver of insurance or proper insurance through the school.
  7. Each participant must have passed a phycial exam by a doctor of his choice during High School eligibility.
  8. To participate in practice or in any activity, each student must be in attendance 1/2 of the school day of the practice or event.
  9. The coaching staff is committed to showing up each day, on time, prepared for practice. It is expected that each athlete will be at practice and ready to start on time. If a runner is late without an excuse from a parent or teacher they will be doing extra core after practice, and each additional time your late adds more core items to the list. Be on time, it's disrespectful to your team to keep all of them waiting for you. If it continues to be a problem you will sit out a meet.
  10. Participants will not skip class. Skipping class will result in missing the next scheduled meet.
  11. 11. Missing a practice without an excuse from a parent or teacher is not acceptable. Unexcused practices will lead to being left at home for the next meet.
  12. You must check in with a coach before leaving for the day. This is for courtesy and safety. We run many roads and trails, and the coaches need to make sure that everyone is accounted for before practice is over and we go home.
  13. You must maintain your GPA for academic elegibility. The school rule is that you must be enrolled and passing 6 full credit classes.
  14. Anyone using alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs is not interested in athletics and will be dismissed from the team.
  15. Anyone convicted of a flagrant or chronic violation of civil or criminal law will be removed from the team.
  16. All athletes will be expected to behave in a manner that is acceptable as a representative of Sandpoint High School Athletics at all workout and contests. This includes the following:
    • athletes may not use profanity or make derogatory comments or actions toward themselves or other runners.
    • athletes must demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times in both workout sessions and competitions.
    • athletes must behave in a manner that is responsible to the team errort and not demonstrate individual concern over and beyond consideration for the team.
    • athletes must continuously show respect for all equipment and facilities available for their use. Locker rooms and contest sites must be left in the condition they were found prior to team use.
  17. An athlete must attend all workouts in the week previous to a meet in order to participate in the meet. Excused school absences are an exception.

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