Welcome to the home of the Sandpoint High School Cross Country team. SHSXC is dedicated to Sandpoint High School Cross Country all year round.

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Guests and Workshops

This season we plan on bringing in some guest speakers, as well as running some workshops all with the intention to motivate and and educate you on being better runners. Some of the events we have planned are:

  • Running Form Clinic - We are going to have a clinic on running form during the first 2 weeks of Cross Country. This will focus on your head, shoulders, arm movement and placement, posture, foot plant and back kick. By giving these tips early in the season we hope that you will be able to make whatever adjustments neccesary to help performance and prevent injury.
  • Nanci Jenkins, MS,RD,CDE - Each year Nanci Jenkins donates her time as a volunteer coach, and as a Registered Dietitian brings a wealth of knowledge to share with the group about proper nutrition and fuel for training.

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