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18th Annual Aspirin Rally-Run


The 18th annual Lost in the 50s Aspirin Rally-Run was held May 22nd, and this year we had 8 runners compete in the race. Megan Bartlett won the womens race in a time of 19:55. Kat Vardell was second with a time of 20:28. Vicki Vardell was first in her age and Christine Miller ran a 22:40.

Coach Matt Brass won the mens division with a time of 16:22. David Householter took 4th overall with a time of 17:37 (also first in his age group), Jesse Javana was second in his age group, and Jeremiah and Kevin Pfeifer also ran in the race.

There were also some runners who will be joining the team next year in the race including Danny Pfeifer, Hope Woodruff, Molly and Max Horn.

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